AD Russian Avant-Garde, C Cooke Editor
AD Chernikhov Fantasy and Construction, C Cooke
Russian Avant Garde: Theories Of Art, Architecture And The City, C Cooke, C Cooke and D Sharp
Design without Frontiers, Cambridge Press: 2012 Catherine Cooke Exhibition
Catherine Cooke


2000 Chairwoman UK Docomomo (international working party for the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement)


1961 – 1967 Degree in Architecture, Department of Architecture, university of Cambridge
1975 PhD Soviet Town Planning, Department of Architecture, university of Cambridge

Exhibitions and Publications

1975 – 2004 Numerous publications, including for Academy Editions or as special numbers of Architectural Design, a magazine with which Cooke had a long connection
1990 MOMA, Architectural Drawings of the Russian Avant-Garde
1992 Soviet Architectural Competitions (with Igor Kazus) Phaidon
1995 Russian Avant-Garde: Theories Of Art, Architecture And The City, Academy Editions, London
2000 DOCOMOMO: The Modern Movement in Architecture, Uitgeverij, 010 Publishers (with Dennis Sharp)

Catherine Cooke

Architect and Academic
(1942 – 2004)

“The architect and Russian scholar Catherine Cooke was one of the world's leading experts on Soviet avant-garde architecture and socialist urban planning.”

    Dennis Sharp, architect, professor, historian

Catherine Cooke trained as an architect between 1961 – 67 at the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, she was one of a handful of women students in her year. After a short spell in architectural practice in Finland and then at Casson Condor in London, she returned to Cambridge to undertake her PhD on Soviet Town Planning which she completed in 1975. She became a Russian scholar of international renown, focusing on Russian Avante-Garde and Constuctivism in the post 1917 era.

At the time of her death in 2004, she was a Lecturer in Design at the Open University. She also lectured and taught at the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.

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Catherine Cooke

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