Zoka Zola

Zoka Zola

Practice: Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design
Established: 2002
City: Chicago
Country: United States
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Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Zoka holds a MArch from Zagreb University, Croatia and a MAPH from the University of Chicago. Zoka is licensed in the United States (Illinois), the United Kingdom and Croatia. In London, Zoka worked for numerous renowned studios, taught architecture at Oxford and the Architectural Association, and started her own practice working on small-scale public projects. In Chicago, Zoka constructed the Pfanner House, winner of the 2003 North American Home of the Year Award, and was also selected as one of 43 houses in 'American Masterworks - Houses of the 20th and 21st centuries'. Zoka has also been a professor at the Art Institute of Chicago. Current studio projects include a zero-carbon house in Chicago, two carbon-free houses in Kuala Lumpur, affordable-housing projects in Croatia, and a zero-carbon training centre and resort in Hong Kong.

Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design

View from street corner
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Pfanner House, Chicago

This house explores the architectural concept of opening. Not an opening that merely extends the space, or a continuously transitional space; instead, an opening of one space to another space, smooth, unhindered, calm; openings from inside to the street and from the street to the inside of the house.

View from street corner
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How does diversity of people reveal itself at work? Architecture is a profession that attracts both men and women from all ethnicities. Where there is diversity at work, genders and ethnicities are similar to the demographics of the society around it.
If you could change one thing in our profession, what would it be? Stop discrimination against women and minorities.
How have your clients and projects benefited from your involvement? Our process and our projects seem to make our clients and other people happy.