Wang Lifang

Wang Lifang

Practice: Wang Lifang Architectural Studio
Established: 1998
City: Beijing
Country: China
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Wang Lifang trained at Tongji University, gaining his MArch and PhD from Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he is now a professor in the School of Architecture.

Architectural design, landscape architectural design and urban environmental design should, in my opinion, be considered as one whole thing.
by Wang Lifang

Major Projects
1. The Primary School Affiliated to Tsinghua University.
2. Tea Houses on Fragrant Hill, Beijing
3. Beiyuan Garden, Beijing, Tsinghua Univ.
4. Lin Huiyin Memorial , Hangzhou
5. Urban Design of the Surroundings of the Summer Palace, Beijing

Important Awards
1. Gold Medal of National Excellence in Civil Engineering Design
2. First Prize of Architectural Design Awarded by the Ministry of Construction
3. Winner of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competition: Diverse City-----Beijing
4. Excellence of the National Prize of Sculptures in Urban Spaces
5. Special Award of Architectural Design of the 60th anniversary of National Day

Wang Lifang Architectural Studio

Classroom buildings for seniors
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Primary School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, Beijing

The design of this 12,000-square-metre project developed design ideas based on child psychology with the aim of producing a campus that was full of interest. Kids develop rapidly during the elementary school period. We divided the period of six years into three stages, and designed completely different buildings for each stage. By dividing the space for six buildings and three corridors into courtyards of different sizes, with paths penetrating and connecting the enclosures, we created a variety of views and multi-layered exterior spaces.

Classroom buildings for seniors
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If you could change one thing in our profession, what would it be? I would prefer to change the worldly trend that glass skin is widely used as architectural enclosure structure. If so, It could reduce the building energy consumption substantially and made architecture more natural and humane at the same time.
What do you find most rewarding in your area of work? 1. Starting from projects, I got contact with the investors, users, planners, designers, contractors, construction technicians, material suppliers and workers in the field of architecture and cooperated with them closely. This process was a deep intervention of an individual into the society. It enriched my life.
2. I got to know the detailed development of a city.
3. I enjoyed my complete works near our studio and enjoyed the compliments.
How have your clients and projects benefited from your involvement? For the proposal of a design, my clients started an exciting expectation.
For the construction of a building, we experienced a hard and difficult process.
For the completion of a project, my clients and I achieved a long- term favorite architecture.
My clients always deeply remembered this experience for long.