Renée Floret-Scheide and Léonie Floret

Renée Floret-Scheide and Léonie Floret

Practice: Renée Floret-Scheide Dipl. Ing. Architecte
Established: 1990
City: Paris
Country: France
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Renée Floret-Scheide was born in Vienna and has lived in Paris since 1983. In 1982 she graduated from the Technische Universität Wien and in 2007 she graduated in high-quality environmental engineering and architecture at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture, Paris-La-Villette. She wrote the 2008 report on architectural heritage and sustainable development and is a founding member of the CO2D association, Collectif Démarche Durable. She has organised cultural architectural exchanges between Austria and France since 2001 and has been an architectural adviser for the Ministry of Culture & Communication in France since 1997.
She represents Austria in the Habitat Group for Western Europe (Region 1) and has been a jury member for architectural contests.

Renée Floret-Scheide Dipl. Ing. Architecte

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Global Planning and Energy Performance for the French Embassy in Belgrade

The French Embassy was built in 1932 in the Art Deco style and is listed. It stands in the historic centre of Belgrade and is surrounded by green terrraces. The project involves improving the architectural and technical performance of the building (with an area of 3300 square metres) to reduce energy consumption to more than 50 per cent and to upgrade its high architectural value.

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How does diversity of people reveal itself at work? Architecture combines a multitude of professions and items: creativity; technology; sociology; culture; history; finance; marketing; and law.
Do you think our profession is diverse enough? The profession of the architect means diversity. Architecture starts from a very abstract idea and develops this idea up to construction. This construction is then supposed to stand for more than 50 years! Our responsibility towards the environment has high importance.
Who are your role models who inspire you? Those who had the most influence on my work are: Frank Lloyd Wright; Hassan Fathy; Harlem Brundtland; Leopold Gerstl; the Bauhaus movement.
Frank Lloyd Wright says: 'Each house is born like a living organism out of the contact between the genius loci and the needs of the inhabitants'.
What do you find most rewarding in your area of work? Global planning and sustainability is the mainstream of my work. Each project has its individual value and approach that we develop with creativity, experience, dialogue and technology. With each project we contribute to urban development and the well-being of people. WE PLAN FOR PEOPLE!