Angela Brady speaking at the DiverseCity Launch, © WIA
Chris Nasah, Sumita Sinha, George Ferguson, Angela Brady, © WIA
DiverseCity London: 2003, © WIA
DiverseCity at Cambridge: March 2008, © Sumita Sinha


DiverseCity Global Snowball

DiverseCity is an exhibition celebrating diversity in the architectural and built-environment professions. Launched in London in November 2003, it was organised and curated by a dynamic team at RIBA Architects For Change (AfC) to showcase a selection of designs and completed projects by women and Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) architects promoting their views, designs and the issues affecting their professional lives.

Since its launch, DiverseCity has been invited to dozens of venues, snowballing in the UK and around the world, spreading the word on diversity in the architectural and build-environment professions and adding diversity panels from each country on its way. It is the first exhibition of its kind and the longest-running and most travelled exhibition on this subject to date.

DiverseCity is now presented in a digital format and was celebrated with the 'Creating Change' international conference in London. This saw the participation of DiverseCity international partners and involves architects, professionals in the built environment and students in the UK. 'Creating Change' celebrates the values of diversity, equality, social justice and inclusion helping to forge new partnerships to address the major challenges facing built-environment professionals.